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Radio Routes at the acorn

Radio Routes at the acorn

Live young people from community entries around Torbay. Listen to them!!..Read more

Ocean Life

Ocean Life

Youth listings show on the radio! Find out what's on for young people in Torbay...Read more

Ocean Parklife!

Ocean Parklife!

Radio listings show for young people in Torbay..Read more

Attila The Stockbroker - Farageland

Attila The Stockbroker - Farageland

Legendary punk poet Attila The Stockbroker does a version of 'Garageland' by The Clash - updated for a modern audience! See Attila perform live at The Noble Tree, Torquay on March 25th more

Where Else by Frank Tout

Where else is a poem about the depth of beauty in the eyes of someone you love, and who loves you...Read more

Scariest Word by Frank Tout

Just what is your "Scariest Word"??? We all have one..... don't we??..Read more

Stars by Frank Tout

A love poem..Read more

Back to you by Frank tout

To return, when that is the only place you want to be......Read more

Poetry in Song "in the hands of a fool" by Frank Tout

Poetry in Song "in the hands of a fool" by Frank Tout The title says it all really, this is a poem in song about a fiery character (not me of course) quelled by love...Read more

Poetry in Song "If all that was left of you" by Frank Tout

Poetry in Song "If all that was left of you" by Frank Tout A song about the deepness of feeling about someone, and a way of describing those feelings...Read more

Poetry in Song "Gone Acapella" by Frank Tout

Poetry in Song "Gone Acapella" by Frank Tout This is a Poem in Song without music, just me.... Its a song about... well... you just have to listen..... Frank..Read more

POETRY "Worldlike"

Another audio poem, about the someone special...Read more

Basic Rock Song

Basic Rock Song

This song was written by Hugh Nankivell and first performed as part of the GeoQuest in May 2010. On the 2nd October 2010 Hugh will lead the Torbay Commnunity Choir in a rendition of the song for the official opening of .....Read more

BBC Radio Devon interview with Amelia Marriette re Gormley

Interview with Amelia Marriette, Keeper of Art at Torre Abbey, and Jo Loosemore of BBC Radio Devon re this Summers Antony Gormley installation...Read more

27.03.09- Radio Devon re Gormley

|nterview with Amelia Marriette @ Torre Abbey..Read more

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