AFRICOMEU Celebrating Culture in Diversity

AFRICOMEU is set up to enrich Hertfordshire and broader European community through the reconstruction of African arts and culture and to champion the modern narratives of culture in diversity. This is to empower sustainability and strengthening appreciation for culture and support for future preservation of African heritage within the global culture.

The construction of this excellent tools is to also enhance new theories, practical approaches, and assist in the interpretation of past and present African chronicles, narratives, stories and to preserve them for future generations. It is unwaveringly dedicated to represent and present these goldmine historical narratives and 21st century development through African museum, music, sport, formation of liberal arts, culture and media exploration. It represents vocal themes of, “Arts Dialogue in Hertfordshire Primary Schools, Creation of Arts as major tools for therapies and wellbeing, provision of yearly International week of arts and culture with specific reference to African Traditional music, and yearly celebration of culture in diversity through exhibition and academic engagement.

It exists as the meeting points for diverse Africa historical objects, it hosts African communities, and a peaceful house for African explorers. AFRICOMEU has a living heritage of world class creativity.

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The Beauty in Cultural Diversity / <span itemprop="startDate" content="2016-03-30T00:00:00Z">Wed 30 Mar 2016</span>The Beauty in Cultural Diversity / Wed 30 Mar 2016

Nigerian Students Society in Partnership with AFRICOMEU presents a night of cultural dialogue which features Music, Dance, Fashion and textile, Acrobats etc. In attendance are the Mayors of Harrow, Enfield and in anticip...