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Ama Menec - Sculpture / News / Mon 01 Apr 2019

A bevvy of badgers!

A bevvy of badgers!

Arriving soon, a bevvy of little badgers, all wanting new homes! These little lovelies should be arriving at my studio near Totnes within the next week. One will go on to the Devon Guild of Crafts and another to Tidal Gallery in Kingsbridge, another will no doubt head off to a gallery I supply in Derbyshire, and one will go out on display at my studio. All need loving homes from people who don't agree with the persecution of badgers, and all of them are cuddle-some, 'tho being bronze, they are surprisingly heavy!
If you are in the Totnes area do feel free to call by Unit 7 Coombe Park Craft Studios for a free badger cuddle! Just follow the brown tourism signs from the outskirts of Totnes. Ample parking.

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