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Badger peers over her shoulder, uncertain whether it is safe to come out of the sett, during a government lead persecution of a protected species in the UK. Despite overwhelming public opposition, the British government seeks to appeal to the hunting and farming lobby for votes. Every British scientist opposes this killing on humaneness and scientific grounds, and yet still more badger cull roll outs happen every year, at great cost to the wider ecology of the coastal West Country, and to large scale suffering of the badgers themselves. Removing one of our remaining ‘top predators’ displaces the whole ecosystem, giving a catastrophic ‘badger trophic cascade’, affecting ground nesting song birds and waders. This continued Badger Cull will see both localised extinction of badgers, and a fundamental change to their social structure, but will also lead to the extinctions of countless other species in the South West of the UK.

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Ama Menec Sculpture

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