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Amanda Huggins / Events / Wed 08 Dec 2021

Crossing the Lines - Online Book Launch

Crossing the Lines - Online Book Launch

Join Victorina Press for the online launch of Crossing the Lines by Yorkshire author, Amanda Huggins.

Crossing the Lines by Amanda Huggins:

When Sherman Rook walks into the Jupiter diner, Mollie’s mama is instantly smitten. Despite her daughter’s reluctance, they leave the New Jersey shore behind and move to his isolated farmstead over a thousand miles west.

Fifteen-year-old Mollie distracts herself from Rook’s cruelty by befriending a stray dog she names Hal, but when Rook crosses a final line Mollie realises that sometimes we must leave behind those we love in order to save ourselves.

With only $20 to her name, she sets out from Oakridge Farm, relying on luck and the kindness of strangers as she makes her way back home across five state lines.

Amanda Huggins is the author of All Our Squandered Beauty, which won the 2021 Saboteur Award fo Best Novella.

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