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Amy wilson

Amy wilson / Events / Tue 06 to Sat 24 Aug 2019 (3 weeks)

Made of Memories - Textile showcase

Made of Memories - Textile showcase

'Made of Memories' is a series of large scale woven panels, artwork and frameless fragments. They are all hand dyed and made using traditional hand weaving techniques. The work is inspired by my everyday observations of nature and the environment. It is intended as a collection of sensory triggers.

'Infused scented warps are used to create a protective cocoon...light, shadow and echoes play to create layers of visuals. I have worked with text from the poetry of the late Alan Baxter (1947-1998) to re-create memories and moments lost in time in cloth.'

'My current research is based around emotive & sensory textiles which can capture a feeling or evoke a sensation. I have combined aromatherapy scents, textured yarns and colour therapy principles to create atmospheric textiles. I am working with reflective materials, paper, metals, dyes, and experimenting with transient and fragile layered weaves.

Join me for the Private view of this new exhibition 6th August 6-8pm at Courtyard Art Gallery.

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Courtyard Art Gallery

Port Vale
SG14 3AA

Telephone: 01992 509 596

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