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EFL students participated in our project

EFL students participated in our project

What would you like to show to the original inhabitants of this hut circle?

T: A plane ticket... Because I came here by airplane and it, it was easy just. It’s very long long away from here, my home.

I didn’t know I could see lots of people and lots of countries, a lot of cultures before I used this one (points to ticket). And em.. I did know there is lots of cultures by internet or T.V, but what I felt is totally different from my imagination and... yeah....... and I thought it’s really wonderful to come and see people and talk together.
So I wanted to a chance for ancient people to go somewhere really far from their place and yeah.. talk together.

A: If you could receive a gift, something from this culture what would you like?

T: I want to ask for the life ... I feel sometimes its so weird, because we can do lots of things compared with ancient people, but actually we don’t do anything for ourselves so.. yeah I want to have a chance to, to do everything for ourself.

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