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Anna Keleher / News / Mon 12 Mar 2012

Are there Truffles in the Geopark?

 Are there Truffles in the Geopark?

Are there Truffles in our Geopark?

The smell of truffles is now imprinted large inside Ghyllies growing archive of SMELL MEMORIES. Truffle hunting means a lot of serious play at home and on location around the Geopark. Ghyllie enjoys his training and gets lots of treats but to train a truffle hound takes time, dedication and above all patience.

Inspired by her visit to LA TRUFA visitor Centre, Subbéticas Geopark , Contemporary Artist Anna Keleher is dreaming of finding Truffles close to home. English Riviera Geopark is not famed for its truffles and local restaurants source their truffles elsewhere. But Anna believes that these limestone hills hold a valuable secret. Truffles are notoriously hard to find so Anna and is training her young labradoodle in the Chalklands of West Sussex and at Southdowns National Park with expert and truffle hunter Melissa Waddingham.

Truffles are part of a delicate web of relationships that sustain our ecosystems and contribute enormously to the vitality of our woodlands.
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Image. Ghyllie training at Cockington Court this spring.

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