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Anna Schofield / Events / Wed 03 Mar 2021

Restful Rag Rugs workshop

Restful Rag Rugs workshop

Learn the old cottage craft of Rag Rugging with artist and furniture upcycler, Anna.
Find out about the history of this family craft and create your own small rug using old clothes and textiles.
Why not use clothing which holds special memories and create your own, personal memory rug?
This is a great activity for children and was traditionally a family activity, so why not let your children join in and create a beautiful heirloom together.
For this workshop you will need a hessian sack and a pencil. You will also need some fabric that you are happy to cut up (clothing, bedding, tea towels, socks etc.)
I am able to post a hessian sack to you if you let me know a week in advance of the workshop. There will be a small cost of £5 for the sack and postage.

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