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Okehampton Visual arts festival

Okehampton Visual arts festival

‘Art Okehampton 13’ is a visual arts festival held at several venues within the Town.

Artists are invited to submit up to four works of art for exhibition. This is a free event – there are no submission fees. Artists can offer their works for sale.

closing date for entries 29th July 2013

Any works sold from the festival will be charged with a 30% commission fee
The intention is to promote, and create awareness and enjoyment of the visual arts, and of local and aspiring artists, to a wide audience of the community and visitors to the town.

This event will not only help support existing and budding artists of all ages and abilities but also create a cultural legacy and tourist attraction as well as increase footfall and potential retail revenue in the Town.

The festival will include exhibitions of paintings, photographs, sculpture, ceramics and prints from individuals, clubs, groups etc., based in the West Devon area. There will also be a programme of talks, workshops and demonstrations for the public, of all ages, to become involved with.

There are several excellent venues within the town. These include the Charter Hall, the John Young Gallery at the Museum, the Okement Centre Hall and the new Pavilion. But other smaller venues, such as cafes, empty shops, library etc. may also wish to participate. There may also be artists studios open during the event.

There will also be an online gallery for exhibitors on the web site

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Okehampton Devon

at various venues in Okehampton please see the website for further information

Telephone: 01837 545 68

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