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Andrew Lacey's Artist Talk

Andrew Lacey's Artist Talk

The artist talk to accompany Andrew Lacey's exhibition- Raw Elements of Studio Practice took place on Monday 31st October in the Kitchen Gallery at Cockington Court Craft Centre

“Andrew’s sculpture stems from a figurative tradition, heavily influenced by Classical and Renaissance equestrian sculpture. He casts his own work in bronze; this engagement with the casting process enables creative interception at any stage and leads to a lively exploration of the making of sculpture. His manner is spontaneous, experimental and focused”
Thetalk was just that too.

Andrew Lacey is a sculptor/founder and independent scholar who specialises in bronze casting and the reconstruction analysis of sculpture. His particular approach to building sculpture and exploring the nature of materials is influenced by historic and archaeological study.
His work 'Raw Elements of Studio Practice' is currently exhibited at Cockington Court in the Kitchen Gallery from 5 October- 27 November and his talk on 31st October was the ideal opportunity to meet the artist himself and learn more about his practice and processes.

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