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Rowan Day exhibits works produced over a 12-month period in this recent series “Searc”, the Irish word for true love, in which she explores themes of love and loneliness through allegorical renderings of the sky and the polarities of light and darkness.
Through an intimate connection to the sky and landscape, and personal experience of love and loneliness, Rowan explores these themes using heuristic inquiry, a process of internal search, exploring a subject creatively and through one’s own frame of reference, to reach a deeper understanding of self in relation to the theme, as well as the theme itself in relation to a wider context.

“My aim in this body of work, is to convey the power of love and connection, and the hope and courage needed to emerge from the darkness of loneliness using the polarities of light and darkness within the changing sky, to explore these themes; working with the beauty of light, sky and landscape to move and inspire the viewer towards a new understanding of these topics, in relation to themselves and the world at large.”

“Nature and the evolving beauty of the sky, in relation to the human psyche, are my inspiration. The sky is never still, always changing in mood, colour and light.

Through my work I intend to surrender to this continually shifting quality, and communicate my inner experience, of the dramatic nature of sky and landscape. Exploring my chosen themes through the metaphor of the sky, by capturing the compelling play between light and dark, beauty and chaos, within natures ‘moods’ and shifting expressions.”

Searc will launch on August 10th, 18:00-20:00 with the exhibition running from 6th – 17th August. For more information on Artizan Gallery visit or for what to expect in 2019 head to More details on our August exhibition can be found at

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