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University of Exeter Global Systems Institute Creative Residency

University of Exeter Global Systems Institute Creative Residency

University of Exeter Global Systems Institute Creative Residency 2022: Open Call

The Global Systems Institute (GSI) and Arts and Culture University of Exeter are inviting applications from creative practitioners or designers for a Creative Residency that will run March-July 2022. This is open to practitioners working in design, graphics, and/or illustration with a strong interest in exploring engagement and coproduction of knowledge as an important and recurring aspect of their practice.

The creative practitioner will be a peer, opening new approaches and conversations within the GSI while developing and enriching their own creative practice. They will work with a group of natural and social scientists exploring how to bring together their expertise to tackle the climate crisis, biodiversity loss and other global challenges in horizontal ways with citizens, policy makers, business, and communities from around the world. This scheme encourages mutually beneficial exchange, where both the host and the creative practitioner gain new insights and potential ways of working. Our shared goal will be to jointly deliver a creative toolkit and effective approaches to foster coproduction, that helps us explore and instigate engaged research at the GSI, and beyond.

The Creative Residency will take place between March and July 2022, with a tangible outcome produced by the 31st July. A draft of this output will be presented at the GSI 2-day Retreat in June. A final output will be delivered after the Retreat.

The total budget for the Creative Residency is £8,000 (inclusive of VAT) on a freelance basis, to include practitioner’s fee, production costs and documentation. There is a further budget of up to £3,000 available for any travel and accommodation required, dissemination events and activities.

To view and download more information about the residency and how to apply please go to:

Applications close on Friday 4th March at 12pm.

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