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Art with Tricia / News / Mon 12 Feb 2018

RA Summer exhibition -a sneaky peak at my submission.

RA Summer exhibition -a sneaky peak at my submission.

As some of you know I took up printing about 2 years ago and have been finding my way through the vast array of printing processes ever since. Last year I exhibited in Tokyo and entered a few print exchanges and exhibitions.

The opportunity to submit a piece for the Royal Academy Summer exhibition stirred my interest and has now given me a stomach ache for the past month!

From the wonder of ‘Should I have a go at this?’ to the confidence of ‘Why not?’ to the hysterics of ‘What on earth am I putting myself through this for?’, I’ve finally made my submission….with about a day and a half to spare until the deadline.

So let me give you a sneaky peak at what I’m entering and the process so far;

First off I had to register my interest and then pay my entry fee.
Next step was to read all the instructions, then read them again and periodically again over the past month to make sure I hadn’t missed anything!

Next decide on what print to submit. As I had left it quite late to apply (the deadline being 14th February) I looked back at past prints. I have had lots of positive feedback on my Drypoint Etching 'Fencline', so thought that would be a good piece to go with. As I wanted this to be a limited edition just for the summer exhibition I decided to re-etch the plate a little differently and ink it with less fussiness of some of my past variable prints (most of those also containing chine colle elements).

After choosing the best print, along with further deliberations about title (I went with Following the Fenceline), mount and frame size it was digitised ready for submitting.

So off it went as a digital submission (as yet unframed as I couldn’t decide on that) and now awaiting the verdict of round one in mid-March. If it gets selected I will resume the framing musings, but until then it will sit, tucked away with the first 12 of its edition of 40.

Fingers crossed!

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