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Attention Seeker / News / Thu 14 Apr 2022

NEW: The Attention Seeker Social Club

NEW: The Attention Seeker Social Club

Do you...
- Run your own business and lack the time or knowledge to use social media effectively?
- Have lots of social media-related questions but don’t know where to find the right answers?
- Feel like you waste hours creating content?
- Feel unsure what impact your content has on your business?
- Want guidance on how social media fits in with other marketing channels?

The Attention Seeker Social Club is your answer - a community where you get instant advice on social media marketing and create more effective content in less time (without adding more to your To-Do list).

As a member, you will discover how to optimise your social media profiles to capture the attention of your ideal customer, stand out from your competition, create content that your audience will love, and convert followers into clients.

When you join, you'll receive a SOCIAL MEDIA STARTER KIT to make sure you have social media basics right, including how to make that first impression count with optimised profiles, and Canva templates you can personalise with your branding.

Each month, there will be CONTENT PLANNING SESSIONS so you get more done in less time, as well as weekly content prompts and inspiration, and the latest digital marketing news in the form of short, snappy reads so you’re aware of relevant developments only and understand what it means for your business.

For any social media questions, there will be an active community with a breadth of marketing and business experience to bounce ideas off and ask for advice.

I invite you to become a Founding Member.

One of the big benefits of joining as a Founding Member is that you get in at the lowest price this is ever going to be… And you’ll be locked in at this price for as long as you stay a member. PLUS, you’ll be able to shape the entire experience as it grows by giving your ideas and insights.

On Wednesday 27th April, the "doors to the club" will open to become a Founding Member for three days only.

Register your interest by clicking on the link.

I can’t wait for you to be a part of this journey.

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