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My name is Denise and along with a good friend of mine Fiona, create designer reborn dolls ‘babies’ that become collectors dolls as some of the sculpts we use are limited editions. They also become heirloom to pass through the family throughout the years.

To reborn is quite a lengthy process but extremely satisfying when you see the end result.

Genesis heat set paints are used, this is applied in a very thin watery consistency, one layer at a time and baked in an oven to set each layer. The hair and eyelashes are hand rooted and sealed on the inside of the head to allow for gently wetting and styling the hair. The limbs are weighted using very fine glass granules and virgin fibre to add weight, and sealed. The body of the doll is stuffed with pellets of baby fat (which has a more rubbery feel) to add weight and topped off with more fibre. The head and limbs are then attached securely using cable clamps. A glaze is applied to the lips for a moist look and then the doll or ’baby’ is dressed ready for the buyer. The ‘baby’ usually comes complete with a nappy, vest, sleep suit, cardigan/matinee jacket, shawl/blanket, cuddly toy and a ‘re-birth certificate’ with details of the name (which can be changed) weight and re-birth date (date completed) and reborn artists name. Strong magnets can be added after sealing the hair to allow a dummy or add hair decoration such as a bow or flower to be used.

Each ‘baby’ is unique and there is an ongoing satisfaction in trying to achieve the most incredible amount of realism possible in this art of reborning, they definately have the cuddle factor..

These ‘babies’ can be displayed in baskets, antique cribs, chairs or just popped on the bed. They make a great talking point for visitors.
We have heard of care homes that use them for the elderly to just cuddle.

We can work from photographs to get a realistic image of the desired baby or you can design your very own baby choosing the sculpt from many available, sleeping or awake (eye colour, hair colour, skin tones.

Orders for Christmas no later than 30 November, please email me for further details for purchasing a reborn or purchasing a custom designed baby.

email: or

We sell completed babies on ebay quite often.

I hope you enjoy looking at some of our babies.

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Displaying babies / Thu 18 Jun 2009

I would love somewhere local to display or advertise these lovely little babies, any ideas anyone??

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Picnic On The Green Paignton / Sun 11 Jul 2010

11th July is the' Picnic on the Green' and I will be exhibiting reborn babies. Come along and hold a baby. It starts at 10am until 5.30pm. I hope it's a nice day and hopefully there will be plenty to see.