We are Ruth and Claire. Two artists dedicated to bringing you the best in performance art, installation and kid's recycling workshops.
We come from a fine art background, both graduating from a Goldsmith's fine art degree in 2008.
We have a strong environmental stance, and use recycled materials whenever possible. We believe that children should have the opportunity to experiment with art practice in a free and non conformist environment without prescribed outcomes being paramount.
When it comes to our performance and installation work, our style is subversive and humorous. We draw inspiration from absurdity and many walks of politics and popular culture.
We are an all inclusive arts group, art for the masses is what we stand for.
Works to date include stage d├ęcor at Vale Earth Fair, Children's workshops at galleries and schools in and around Somerset, and walkabout performances at festivals and public events.

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Telephone: 01458 830 033
Email: badformartists@gmail.com
Website: http://badform.tumblr.com/

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