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Reflecting on the many thousands of young men who lost their lives in the First World War, our new exhibition at Batley Art Gallery seeks to uncover a different perspective on the great tragedy of those who left for the trenches, never to return. The exhibition sees the war through the eyes of today’s teenagers, reflecting upon their situation had they been born a century earlier.

100 years ago the youth of Britain were caught up in the excitement of fighting for the honour and glory of their king and country. If you were a teenager in 1914 a third of your friends would have been dead 4 years later, those who did survive would have been physically injured and mentally scarred. Lost Generation is an Arts Council funded initiative by artist Andy Farr and Batley School of Art which aims to make the WW1 centenary more relevant to today’s young people. Andy has previously worked with students in Leeds, Burton on Trent and Leamington Spa on the project which he devised after thinking about the fact that his two sons would have been marching off to the Western Front if they had lived 100 years ago.

You are welcome to join us for the preview event on Friday 27th March 2015, 6.00pm to 8.00pm

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