My work is the result of imaginary invention, I never copy what I see. Instead visual images and feelings percolate in my mind over time until a form or shape comes to mind that I play with on paper to define and give proper shape to. I persevere with this until I know how I want to portray it as a finished piece.

Most of my ideas are graphic, arising from the sheer pleasure of the interaction between shape, line and pattern which often implies or even defines a greater recognisable form. I also enjoy using perspective to confuse the viewer’s eye although mathematically correct perspective is not what I seek, I prefer to draw freehand to preserve the vitality and living quality of the line.

I paint what I feel I need to express myself. As there is a strongly intuitive and responsive aspect to my work, I try to resist undue influence of popular contemporary practice and even protect myself from such distractions preferring to stick to what I know. The inspiration for my work can be sparked off from any visual encounter in my daily life including exhibitions or even the experience of moving through the spaces of large contemporary buildings. I should also acknowledge some influence from Op Art, Bauhaus, and 50's aesthetic.

I throw none of my art way, it is all kept and recorded. And by looking back over these works an intent of purpose becomes evident – including a refinement of my technique. I work in themes which can occupy me for long periods before moving on, but earlier motifs can combine with present themes that do show significant artistic developments.

I am self-taught but have attended a number of evening classes on drawing buildings, perspective drawing, life drawing and using acrylic paints.

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