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Bigfoot Arts Education is based in Brighton and serves both East and West Sussex.
We have a group of dedicated and skilled practitioners, offering a range of drama based
programmes for in and out of school hours learning. Programmes include:

Creative supply days and PPA cover using drama or music practitioners.
INSET training on drama across the curriculum.
INSET training on Mantle of The Expert.
Assembly and follow up workshop programmes
Bespoke days based on any theme, from Shakespeare to Shackleton!
Big Rights and Respect drama programme.

We also offer core programmes which come with excellent resource packs.
These assembly and follow up workshop programmes include:
Healthy Living with Change4life
Positive relationships with Kidscape
Black history month
Creative Literacy days.

Bigfoot Brighton is managed by Kevin Holland, a drama specialist who has just completed his Masters in Education Studies at the University of Sussex. Kevin runs all INSET training and specialises in 'mantle of the expert' .

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Telephone: 07900 301 058

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