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Host/technician wanted for make-shift interactive screening host

Paid host-technician wanted for interactive screenings at Exeter Phoenix as part of a 2011/12 tour of make-shift.

You need to have attention to detail in setting up a large projection and audio of the online interface of this telematic performance in the Black Box. You will need to be able to trouble shoot any problems regarding image/sound/network. You will also be able to explain the interface and its interaction to interested audience (drop in participation) and be a personable and enthusiastic host; making people feel welcome (perhaps encouraging participation from other parts of the Phoenix) and generally creating a good atmosphere.

The first gig is on 1st December as part of 2 Short Nights – 9pm start. There will be 3 more events at different times of day between now and June 2012.

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make-shift is a Blind Ditch project funded by National Lottery through Arts Council England and supported by Exeter Arts Council and UpStage online performance platform.

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