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Performer/Makers Call for Blind Ditch's 'This City's Centre'

What does life look like through your window?
What passes through that thin glass membrane… from this city… into you?
What are you waiting for, dreaming of, longing for… when you look out and beyond?

Blind Ditch are looking for performer-makers to join them in devising and presenting their new project This City’s Centre. An expanded media project happening in and between the homes, streets and vistas of central Exeter the project will explore the tensions between public, private and privatised public space, through the views from the windows of 20 Exeter homes – and the views of the people who live with them.

This is an opportunity to work in on an exciting cross-disciplinary project in Exeter that will integrate live streaming and digital processes into both the devising and presenting. It will require long term commitment over a number of months, and offers the peer learning and growth that can come out being part of a committed ensemble process. Performers on This City's Centre will be working alongside Exeter residents, students and technologists as well as the core team. Deadline for applications 18th Feb 2013.

Blind Ditch collaborators on this project are Paula Crutchlow (Director), John Levack Drever (Sound Design), Volkhardt Müller (Videography/Scenography), Cat Radford (Producer). We will be working with associate artists choreographer Jane Mason and writer Natalie McGrath.

This City’s Centre is supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England and Exeter City Council. The project is delivered in partnership with RAMM, Exeter City Council, Exeter Phoenix and Exeter College. RAMM, Exeter Phoenix and Exeter College with support from The Bikeshed Theatre and University of Exeter.

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