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Art Education and the Bauhaus, a presentation by Patrick Goff

Art Education and the Bauhaus, a presentation by Patrick Goff

Rowan Moore writing in The Guardian last month says, “The Bauhaus, simply put, was a German school of art and design that opened in 1919 and closed in 1933. It was also very much more than that. It was the most influential and famous design school that has ever existed. It defined an epoch. It became the pre-eminent emblem of modern architecture and design. The name has become an adjective as well as a noun – Bauhaus style, Bauhaus look. And now it is coming up for the centenary of its founding, which shows both that what was called the “modern movement” is now part of history and that its influence is very much still around us.”

Artist Patrick Goff has been reviewing some of his collection of photographs of Bauhaus architecture and considering why the college matters to him and what is the fascination and enduring influence of the Bauhaus on his life. He says, “It seems odd that an art school from before World War 1 in Germany could have had such a continuing impact on an ageing artist, educator and designer in the late 20th Century and now continuing into the 21st.”

Patrick has begun writing a blog about the state of art education between 1965, when he started at art college, and 1995 when he finally left, after time spent as a lecturer, artist, designer and critic. Patrick will be sharing some of his thoughts and ideas in his talk about Art Education and the Bauhaus.

Patrick says, “I am by inclination a non-conformist, by accident of upbringing a loner. Not anti-social but a little intolerant. I have been mostly self-employed all my life – or as one friend put it, pretty well unemployable. When welcomed into ‘institutions’ I have changed them, sometimes wilfully, but always I hope for the better. Since the digital world came into being, I have worked with digital cameras and self-published on the web as well as painting. I have exhibited widely and written critiques of the work of others. I have made a living in the art and design world for over 50 years.”
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