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Free Charcoal & Acrylic Figure Demonstration with Anthony Barrow

Free Charcoal & Acrylic Figure Demonstration with Anthony Barrow

Come on down to our free demonstration hosted by returning artist Anthony Barrow.

Demo Details
Anthony will first of all demonstrate how to prepare the paper for figure drawing before creating chiaroscuro. This lighting techinique will add the illusion of dimensional depth, as discovered by Renaissance artists in the 15th century. He will then glaze the piece with acrylic paints, remove the highlights and work into the piece before applying the final varnish.

About the Artist
Anthony is a member of NAPA the National Acrylic Painters Association and has been painting for over 30 years. He holds a BA (Hons) Fine Art and Certificate in Education and is a professional artist and lecturer. Anthony is predominantly a figurative painter with a prolific output that often overflows into the disciplines of landscape, still life and abstract painting. His work stretches the boundary between representational imagery and memory, exploring techniques that become far more important than the painting process itself. Chiefly commission based his vast experience and natural talent for capturing the human form along with his expressive portraits that explore the underlying character of the sitter as seen his work being honoured with numerous awards.

Additional Information
The event will take place outside Calder Graphics Art shop, on the ground floor of the Byram Arcade and is completely free to attend. People can come and go as they please on the evening. We will have limited seating and table space.
The nearest car park available to the venue is the multi-storey next to Huddersfield bus station. The cost of the car park is £2.00 for 3 hours (all levels) or £4.00 for 10 hours (upper two levels only).
Our venue is also a 2 minute walk from both the main bus and train stations.

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