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Callaloo Carnival Arts / News / Tue 15 Jun 2021

Callaloo PopUp Carnival - well worth waiting for!

Callaloo PopUp Carnival - well worth waiting for!

Our PopUp Carnival brought a carefully curated selection of Carnival Creatures to delight residents and staff of a local residential care home.
There were MANY obstacles to organising a Parade during a Global pandemic, lots of extra work and worry, due to changes in the Covid restrictions, as well as a spell of truly dreadful weather to navigate! But we kept calm & carried on and thankfully, the sun shone as we waltzed, shimmied, jumped & waved around the patio - to the delight of residents, staff and some lucky passers by!
We are very grateful for the support we received from Kirklees Council, Mirfield, Dewsbury West, Heckmondwike and Batley Ward Councillors and One Community Foundation, as well as over 50 individuals and businesses who donated to our Crowdfunding appeal.
We are also proud to be working in partnership with Arts Council England, New Carnival Company, Together 2012, Gloucester Carnival Arts Partnership and 18 Hours on an action research project which aims to identify and remove barriers to inclusion in Carnival.
Image by Mirabel Henry
Butterfly and Flower Costumes by Cabasa Carnival CIC
[Image Description: a carnival troupe perform in an outdoor setting: a black woman with short cropped black hair and sunglasses laughs as she dances, in a brightly coloured dress with large hoop skirt and matching parasol. A smiling white woman dances in a purple version of the same costume dances nearby. Giant butterfly wings shades of blue and purple flutter in the background. A black man with black hair and sunglasses sits on a mobility scooter which is decorated with greenery and several large daisy flowers. He is dressed in black and playing carnival music from a mobile deck.]

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