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Cantina Carnitas Cantina Carnitas

Cantina Carnitas

‘Putting the heat on the street’

Established July 2011 by Matthew Bean and Jeff Pridmore, Cantina Carnitas is the culmination of an idea based around the British street food revolution that has seen high quality food from worldwide cultures available on traditional markets, farmers markets and local and national festivals for a low start up cost and without the high financial risks associated with high street catering ventures.

Cantina Carnitas currently have a pop up Mexican street food stall inside Bar Ab, Sun Street, Hitchin every Saturday 11.30-3.30.

Wednesday 12th February 2014 sees the Cantina Carnitas crew taking over Halseys for a five course Mexican Meze and every first Wednesday of the month after that check out Facebook: Cantina Carnitas or @cantinacarnitas on Twitter for up to the minute burritonews.

The Cantina Carnitas menu is one of traditional Mexican street food, burritos and tacos filled with slow cooked meats and tasty treats- five hour slow cooked pork shoulder with chorizo, chicken breast with chipotle paste and apple cider vinegar, slow cooked braising steak with fresh chilli, all served with fresh salsas, guacamoles, beans, rice and of course the homemade chilli sauces to warm the palate as well as the soul. The Cantina difference is that as well as offering tradition Mexican food the menu covers a world flavour feel with flatbreads and wraps from across the globe- Jamaican inspired jerk chicken, American Philly steak melts, Indian ‘Chappuritos’ chapattis filled with aromatic vegetable curries and even a Jubilee inspired roast beef and Yorkshire pudding with hot horseradish and garden vegetables. Current favourites on the menu include Chilli cheese dogs made with locally baked bread and pork sausages from pigs reared in Stotfold, 8 hour slow cooked barbecue ribs and chicken wings with a smoky hot rub

Perfect food to eat and share with an emphasis on freshness and a move away from ‘tex mex’ brands currently saturating the market place.

The Journey

After three months of perfecting the dishes and countless tasting parties for lots of friends, and After a short spell of trading on Local farmers markets, general markets with great success and feeding many individuals at weddings, birthdays and private functions the pair were approached by a local bar in Hitchin and found their first home in the form of Bar Absolut, Sun Street Hitchin. Every Saturday from 11am to 4pm Cantina Carnitas takes over the bar and packs it out with families, couples and people wanting to try the fresh new flavour. At this point it must be noted that the nearest rival to Cantina is in Cambridge Town Centre some thirty miles away.

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