Caroline Barnard-Smith Fantasy Fiction Author and Knitwear Designer/Artist

My one-woman business, CazzCraft, is dedicated to creating truly unique gifts and dolls; and awesome, one-of-a-kind clothing. I've been knitting for a few years now and I love to experiment and create my own designs.

Recently, I've been knitting a lot of dolls and jumpers, but I sometimes take a detour into the land of gloves and bags.

When I'm not knitting or making things on my sewing machine, I'm busy writing my next novel. My debut novel, Dunraven Road, was published by Immanion Press in June 2009 and I'm currently hard at work on the follow-up, Jinn Nation. Dunraven Road is a dark fantasy tale about love, addiction and vampires in the faded backstreets of Devon.

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