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Caryl Beach / News / Thu 15 Sep 2022

One week until Death Dreams & Desire opens at Safehouse1 Peckham

One week until Death Dreams & Desire opens at Safehouse1 Peckham

Memento Collective, a group of five contemporary artists, have found a source of inspiration in the work of Sigmund Freud. This collective exhibition, ‘Death, Dreams & Desire’ responds to Freud’s ideas and thinking through a multitude of creative approaches, from the haunting and self-questioning to the deathly and the curious. All of the senses will be stimulated through sound, film, photography, drawing, textiles and paint. This group exhibition shines new light on Freudian thinking and ideas, and will keep visitors intrigued long after they leave.
Known as the ‘father of psychoanalysis’, Austrian doctor Sigmund Freud changed forever the way we see ourselves. Believing our adult behaviour is driven by repressed childhood experiences of love, loss, sexuality and death, he wrote extensively on these subjects. He practised psychoanalysis with many patients in distress and has left a lasting legacy, particularly with regard to how we understand the unconscious mind.
The iconic text, The Interpretation of Dreams (1899) outlined Freud’s belief that dreams could reveal hidden meanings about our innermost desires, which were often erotic or sexualised, and this provided a perfect backdrop to some of the most impressive artworks in recent history. Nowadays, many of Freud’s ideas have been superseded by scientific approaches to human psychology. Within the arts however, the creativity and inventiveness of Freud’s theories continue to fascinate and inspire.

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