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I am a fine artist, I graduated from the University of Plymouth in 2006 where I specialised in Contextual Practice, working across a broad range of media to produce site specific projects. The work I have produced has been set in or produced in direct response to the local area, and has been produced or sited on local beaches and in and around the towns in Torbay.

Much of my work looks at the internal and external perceptions of a place, and the realities of actually existing in it. What it is like to live by the sea, in all too often struggling seaside resorts. To an extent my work pokes fun at, and challenges the typical tourists view, the stereotypical seascapes, sunsets and palm trees that are asscociated with the area, and deals with the sometimes harsh realities of living and growing up in a place such as Torbay. My work looks at some of the social issues that exist in Torbay and responds to and raises them in a slighly toungue in cheek, playful manner.

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