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my art is based on animals as i have many scetches that people have asked me to do of there pets, aswell as ienjoy figure painting and scetching, my photograthy is more basic just simple pictures of people of sshapes and close up of objects

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Artist, Photography

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Tony Homer / Local painter

I lTony Homer / Local painterike to work outside in the landscape and collect images in sketchbooks and colour studies to help me work on ideas in the studio. Return trips are often required to complete works. Water, landscape, buildings and the ...

Ray Vyse / Anisotropic Art, Photography and Digital Art.

AniRay Vyse / Anisotropic Art, Photography and Digital Art.sotropic Art is evolving. The natural grain of wood gives it anisotropic properties - Physical properties which differ according to direction. Recent work is becoming more abstract and more adventurous. My aim is to c...