Circus Torbay not just a big top circus but a community circus that provides entertainment and community support all year round. Circus Torbay is taking the basic circus model and using it as a launch pad and as a resource for a range of exciting community developments. It will provide free basic training of circus skills for anyone that wants to get involved young and old starting with juggling and clowning. It will tour the area and provide entertainment and training to groups in the area. Also training in circus skills and performance skills to build confidence for young and older people.

The circus can be presented in any space but the longer-term plan would be to acquire a large tent (Big Top) for performances. Also this Big Top could be available for community groups to have their own fund-raising events. All profits from Circus Torbay will be donated to local community it is also the aim is to develop into a social enterprise organisation.

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Stand Up/Comedy Writing Classes / Wed 27 Sep to Wed 22 Nov 2017 (2 months)

Maggie Irving, This Autumn! Stand Up/Comedy Writing Classes TORQUAY: Wednesdays 27 Sept -22 Nov 2017. 7pm-9pm at the Artizan Gallery, 7 Lucius Street, Torquay TQ2 5UW. To book contact: Maggie email: magsirving@gmail.c...