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Educational Drama Workshops

Educational Drama Workshops

Become a Community Role Player in Schools

Claque has been awarded a grant from Awards for All to train a core of community volunteers in educational drama techniques. We shall be running a series of one day (weekend) education drama workshops for anyone over 18 interested in participating. The workshops will explore how to teach any subject through the medium of drama.

The Role Players will learn techniques of improvisation in drama and be involved in preparing an improvised drama experience to take into schools. These are not performances but interactive learning experiences through which the pupils actively assume imagined roles to solve problems and explore social issues and events around prescribed subject content. The context of the drama will, by necessity, be informed through consultation with school staff, relevant social services and ‘experts’ in the chosen field of exploration.

For a number of years, Claque has experimented with educational role play in schools. Before becoming a community play director and playwright, our Artistic Director, Jon Oram was an educational drama advisor in Norfolk, teaching teachers to use drama as vehicle for teaching across the curriculum. As founders of the community play genre and with Jon’s educational drama background, it seems eminently sensible that Claque introduce the concept of ‘Community Role Plays’.

This is a unique experiment in the use of community in schools and it is our aim that Claque’s Role Plays become a sustainable service. Once we have successfully completed the lead in ‘project’ we will approach other local schools and work with them on themes pertinent to their needs and social circumstances. Social themes might include local issues of racism, bullying, or draw on child issues worldwide such as poverty and child labour etc, but the school’s involvement in determining the content of the sessions will be paramount. Further we would hope to create public community role plays and explore how they might influence the development of the community play.

If you would like to take part, please contact us at Claque Theatre.

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Participants who eventually join the Role Play Team in schools will need to be over 18 years of age and agree to be CRB checked and possibly a short interview.

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