Clare Halstead

Clare Halstead / Events / Thu 13 Sep 2012

Working Smarter: A Business Boost for Creative Practitioners

Working Smarter: A Business Boost for Creative Practitioners

Are you an artist, writer, designer, musician, performer or other creative practitioner whose work generates some income?
Are you using your creativity to support the business aspects of your practice?
Would you like to work “smarter”?
You may not think about yourself as a business, but if you are freelance and invoice people for your work, this workshop is for you.

Culture Shift invites you to attend ‘Working Smarter’, a practical business workshop for creative practitioners. During the one-day workshop you will:

Review your current business activities
Explore your business challenges
Develop your own action plan
Network and learn from other creative practitioners

Using interactive approaches we will help you recognise your business strengths, identify your areas of weakness and look at how to make your business activity support your creative practice. This workshop is designed to help your business development without compromising your creativity.

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