Claudia Schmid

Claudia Schmid / Events / Mon 15 to Sat 20 May 2017 (6 days)

U R A Zoo Louise and Claudia Schmid

U R A Zoo Louise and Claudia Schmid

Local artist Claudia Schmid is joining with her sister Louise Schmid to bring an exciting and unusual exhibition to Birdwood House. Entitled U R A Zoo, the show will feature animals, birds and other creatures in ways that intrigue, surprise and amuse and leave us wondering: what, who and where is the zoo?

Claudia's non-human creatures often suggest human traits and interactions while Louise seems more interested in the radical otherness of the natural world resulting in work of strange and haunting beauty.

While their styles are individual and different the sisters share a certain whimsical and affectionate humour and a deep honesty in their approach to art making, avoiding sentimentality and mere prettiness.

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