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Kids Art Commission

Kids Art Commission

Contains Art have taken up the mantle of the long-standing Watchet Kids Festival and are running a smaller scale version of the event at Contains Art, Watchet on Saturday 26th July 2014.

The Kids Art Day will include workshops and performances for children and young people to engage with throughout the afternoon.

Kids Art Commission

Contains Art wish to commission a local artist to produce a socially collaborative work by engaging with visitors during the Kids Art Day.

The theme of the work is ‘Views of Watchet’ (as is the theme for the whole event) and should reflect and represent this in some form. How you chose to interpret this is up to you: we do not wish to prescribe that – it may be in terms of opinions, attitudes, landscapes, scenery or any other interpretation.

The criteria for the commission are:
• Children and young people must be able to get involved during the day and contribute some element that will be included/reflected in the final piece of work
• The resulting work should have some element of permanence i.e. sculpture, mural, film etc. Beyond this we are not minded to prescribe form, size, or inside/outside use etc.
• Ultimately if physically tangible (i.e. not film-based) the work may be moved to another appropriate site in the town other than Contains Art so the piece must be portable rather than site-specific.
• There is no requirement that the work be completed on the day; simply that people can get involved and contribute on that occasion – the work can be completed afterwards using contributions collected in some way.

There is a budget of between £500-£800 for the commission to include artist’s time, preparation and post-event work, travel and other expenses and any materials needed.

To apply
Please apply in writing giving details of:
• CV or background information regarding your artist practice.
• Details of any experience working with children and young people on art commissions.
• What form the commission would take (outline only at this stage).
• Whether it would be completed on the day or afterwards.
• Anticipated cost of the commission broken down to include materials, travel and other expenses and time allowance.
• Requirements for any likely equipment that you will require on the day i.e. tables. (only if known at this stage – can be detailed later on if awarded)
• Any other relevant information

Deadline for applications is 12 noon Friday 20th June 2014 with decision by end of June.
We may interview potential candidates if necessary.

The event will take place on Saturday 26th July 2014.

The final piece should ideally be available by Friday 8th August, which will enable it to be showcased as part of the Watchet Summertime Festival, but we are open to this deadline being extended if a solid case can be made for why this would be necessary.

For more information and to discuss this commission please contact Naomi Griffith on 07866 730093 or email

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