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Creative Innovation Centre Taunton

Creative Innovation Centre Taunton

About Our Venue at CICCIC

Creative Innovation Centre is a creative open space for activities around the development of enterprise, community and culture. Situated in the centre of Taunton and built in the 1800′s our majestic hall houses 20-100 people and has a large coffee bar and utilities area for food and drink. There are 3 car parks metres away and we hold events such as conferences, workshops, exhibitions, meetings, small trade shows and markets, live music and other similar functions.

We deliver events directly and work with a range of partners to widen our events. You may hire our venue and we will even add your event to our event list and even sell tickets for you online.

Your can discover more about us or you can contact us to discuss your event or use one of our many services to help you deliver projects.

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