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EvoKe Network Meeting

EvoKe Network Meeting

Who you will meet
Evoke is a network of partners across all sectors in Kirklees, including community groups, arts and cultural organisations, youth services, schools, educators, health providers, and the local council. You will meet many others who feel passionately about the importance of increasing access to high quality arts and cultural opportunities for all children and young people across Kirklees.

What you will discuss
EvoKe invite attendees to suggest what will be discussed. They will use an ‘open space’ approach where attendees put forward topics to discuss that they feel are important to the lives of children and young people in Kirklees. Topics could range from concerns over mental health during COVID-19 lockdown, to wider cultural issues, such as the recent Black Lives Matter movement.

They will also provide an update on what activities Evoke are currently supporting

Arts Packs - An initiative set up by The Children’s Art School and Kirklees Youth Alliance to deliver art materials and activities to the most at-risk children and young people in Kirklees.

Creative Health - They will introduce their project exploring how creative activities can improve mental health and emotional wellbeing amongst children and young people.

Creative Careers - They will discuss our 2021 plans to help support the creative pathways for young people aged 16-24.

Our Biennale Festival - There will be an update about how the festival will go ahead in response to the recent COVID-19 lockdown measures.

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