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Creative Kirklees / News / Tue 06 Apr 2021

Let's Create - The Arts Council's Delivery Plan 2021-24

Let's Create - The Arts Council's Delivery Plan 2021-24

Last year the Arts Council launched Let’s Create, their strategy for the next ten years which set out their vision that by 2030, England would be a country in which the creativity of everyone can flourish and everyone has access to a remarkable range of cultural experiences.

The world now looks very different to the one they published their strategy in, but the impact of Covid-19 has only strengthened the case for Let’s Create. While the future continues to be uncertain and many cultural organisations and creative individuals remain focussed on survival, as the country begins to take its first steps out of the pandemic, they can share with you how they plan to realise the vision of Let’s Create.

They have now published the first phase of their Delivery Plan 2021-24 - find out more about the road ahead by following the link below.

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