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National Lockdown Support Grant

National Lockdown Support Grant

There are two business support grants available currently for businesses which are forced to close due to local restrictions or national lockdown.

1. National Lockdown Support Grant:
Business premises forced to close in England from 5th November as part of the national lockdown measures will receive grants worth up to £3,000 per 28 days under the Local Restrictions Support Grant (closed) scheme.

To be eligible, your business must:

- be in Kirklees
- have been registered as the occupier for Business Rates on 4th November 2020
- have been open and trading as usual before the restrictions
- have been providing services in person to customers from the premises
- be required to close under the government's national lockdown restrictions

2. Tier 2 Local Restrictions Support Grant:
For businesses who were significantly impacted by Tier 2 local restrictions between 5th August 2020 and 4th November 2020

Leisure, hospitality or accommodation businesses that were not legally required to close but that have been severely impacted by the restrictions under Tier 2 will receive a grant of up to £2,100 per 28 days under the Local Restrictions Support Grant (open) scheme.

There is also a business support grant available for businesses which have legally had to close because of restrictions or lockdown but have been severely impacted.

Kirklees Discretionary Support Grant Scheme:
The council has also been given funding to develop a discretionary grant scheme to help those businesses which - while not legally forced to close from 5th November - are nonetheless severely impacted by the restrictions put in place to control the spread of COVID-19.

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