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Unconscious Bias Training Workshop

Unconscious Bias Training Workshop

IVE celebrate National Inclusion week with the launch of their new Unconscious Bias Training Workshop in Leeds.

The workshop is open to all leaders, CEOs, heads of HR and others with the ability to implement change in organisations who are keen to better understand how unconscious bias might be impacting on their productivity, their staff engagement and potentially their reputation.

Led by Sarah Mumford, IVE’s Programmes Director – Creative Learning, this workshop will develop participants’ understanding of the impact of unconscious bias on people’s working lives. It will enable them to work towards eliminating unconscious discriminatory behaviours to make your company a more diverse, inclusive and productive place to work, where the positive values of diversity are celebrated. The workshop combines the science and theory behind unconscious bias training and includes tools, strategies and frameworks that can be applied by team members in their day to day work.

The first unconscious bias workshop will take place on the 11th September at 12:30 – 3:30pm.

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