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Actors Required for Short Film - 8th - 13th May,

Actors Required for Short Film - 8th - 13th May,

Actors Required for Short Film - 8th - 13th May, University of Bristol

Hi there, I am apart of a team who are all masters students at University of Bristol. We are in the process of casting for our dissertation film 'Chimes', and we are looking for 2 main actors to play the part of Ben and Steven. The film itself is 10 minutes long, and focuses around two friends, rape, and the effect of PTSD on Steven.

This is a very exciting opportunity to be a part of, so do get involved!

If anyone is interested in trying out for either of the roles, do not hesitate to contact me via email, and I will send you a script. Please send video auditions to:

Contact number: 07943428222

If you prefer to live audition, we will let you know of a time when we can make this possible.

Below are the character bios of each person:

Stephen- 27 year old British homosexual male. Stephen has two character Biographies, one pre-rape and one post.Before Stephen is raped he is a relatively optimistic person, with an outlook that his life is going well. After Stephen is raped he goes through quite a drastic personality change. All self-confidence has gone out the window along with his beliefs in moderation and order which he shows through his drinking habit, sexual desperation and his inability to leave his house through fear. For example he no longer enjoys exercising and uses it as a form of escapism instead, similarly the wind chimes by his front door were once something he appreciated but now act as a sinister trigger to his trauma.

Ben- 33 year old British male with a strong build. Ben identifies as a heterosexual man, who is quite conservative and straight laced. He has an enhanced manly persona, and acts far more masculine than he needs to be. His personal life is conflicted, he struggles to maintain his dissolving relationship with his girlfriend Amy however this is all for the sake of appearance.

We are happy to audition people as they come in.

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