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Calling all Music Leaders/Teachers....

Calling all Music Leaders/Teachers....

Dear All

Hugh Nankivell here from the Torbay Music HUB.

At the last HUB meeting I was proposed as the ‘named lead’ for music leaders working within Torbay in both formal and informal music education.

To begin with what I would really like is to communicate with as many music leaders working in the bay as possible - this will include:

Class music teachers
School music Co-ordinators
Peripatetic Music teachers
Teachers with individual music students
Freelance music leaders

and more - in fact all that you can think of.

Groups that might be tricky to access are - private music tutors who teach one-one (again all genres) and don't, historically, have anything to do with formal music education in schools or otherwise and music leaders who work outside of school situations who again have not necessarily thought of what they are doing as having connections with the Hub. I think that it is important to try and bring these groups into the Hub fold and to help them to realise that their contribution can be seen as part of a bigger educational picture.

My plan is then to
- a) initially send a questionnaire to all these music-leaders asking a series of questions about how they engage with young people in the bay, and, depending on their responses I will
- b) convene one or more meetings to have a discussion about these issues and more and to see how we can develop a joined-up strategy for music-leaders across the Bay working in all musical genres and all situations that are concerned with enabling young people to develop their musical potential.

So I would like to collect a list of interested music leaders. If you could forward this mail to all that you can think of and ask them to contact me by the above email that would be great and we can get this musical Hub ball rolling.

Thanks and best wishes

Hugh Nankivell

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