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Piano for a Day

Piano for a Day

'Piano for a Day' 2014 is a local summer music project in Torquay, UK.

Find my piano on a sunny day. Feel free to give it a play!

To find out where it will appear next keep your eye on the facebook page or our @creativetorbay twitter feed

So what is 'Piano for a Day'?
Basically for fun, I shall be putting a Piano around Torquay harbour area for people to play. I don't know exactly what days i'll be doing it, so you have to keep an eye out on this page! What I do know is it's going to be on weekends and when it's sunny!

Who am I?
My name is Danny and I am a local film-maker. But as a hobby I enjoy playing all sorts of musical instruments. Especially Pianos!

Why am I doing 'Piano for a Day'?
Quite simple really! Having a piano and playing it outside is a truly amazing experience. Witnessing pianists at all different ages and skills playing can be very entertaining. This project is completely non-profit, if anything, I'm losing money! It's all just for fun!

Where did I get the Piano?
I was donated the Piano by the kind people at Tower House School in Paignton. An independent day school for ages between 2-16 years.

Who painted the piano?
The Piano lettering and design was traditionally hand-painted by local artist David A. Smith. He has created cover artwork commissioned by musicians such as John Mayer and Kings of Leon. Check out his site here

Can anyone play?
Yes you are all invited to play! I set up this page especially for you to add your pics and videos of 'Piano for a Day'.

Can I request a location for the piano?
Initially I'm concentrating around the Torquay Harbour area, but if you have any suggestions, I'm open to ideas!

Who is looking after the Piano?
Local piano tuner and restorer Tom Gill from is kindly looking after our piano keeping it in tip-top shape for everyone to pla

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