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Summer of Data - Major Evaluation Report/Events in Torbay

Summer of Data - Major Evaluation Report/Events in Torbay

‘Using data is more challenging than gathering or gazing at data. To get value from data, it needs to be combined with judgment. That judgment will often be based upon a set of assumptions. Strong assumptions are based upon evidence and are framed in way that future data collection can validate’
The Audience Agency

The summer of 2013 saw Torbay Council (@creativetorbay) undertake an unprecedented evaluation project.

Eleven events, exhibitions, opera, and festivals have been subjected to rigorous analysis based on robust evaluation and participant feedback.

This work built upon the previously published evaluation work carried out by the @creativetorbay team crunching the data for individual cultural projects over the past five years.

The results are presented here with key observations and a guide to reading the data to the benefit of your organisation/event.

We crunched 4,344 postcodes, conducted 550 face to face interviews, and analyzed 355 in-depth online surveys.
The report can be accessed via the web link: within the report you will find three web links which lead to the more focused reports around: consultation feedback, economic impact and audience profiles.
We hope the report will provide a valuable resource to any organization or individual planning an event. If you have any questions please do get in touch:

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