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Mechanical circus piece in bristol, Marie Celestial

Mechanical circus piece in bristol, Marie Celestial

There are opportunities for people to become part of an exciting new touring show, being built and developed in Bristol and toured next summer in the UK and Europe
The Marie Celestial is a promenade performance upon a self-contained, moving stage. The structure is a representation of an iron heart appearing to “walk” on legs. The story goes, this is the remnants of a living spaceship. It’s symbiotic, peace-loving crew have long since perished. The ship is lonely and in a broken state. In search of a new family of passengers, the ship roams. In each act, it finds a character whom it imbibes and adopts their peculiar qualities, which modify and revive the ship.
The artists perform a mixture of aerial circus, acrobatics, dance, theatre and percussion both on board the moving structure and on the ground. Interacting with all the elements of the structure to full effect. As it regains life, it unfolds / grows, masts unfolding, sails billowing. Each performance element is gradually added to the composition working in rhythm, towards a finale with a surprise ending where we see the ship restored to its former glory.
we are an open co-operative of artists looking for people who are willing to join in, either as part of the performance, in lighting and sound or on the crew. we are interested in providing new skills and developing confidence in those who would like to learn basic set build and metalwork techniques as well as working with developing performers who are looking for an opportunity to showcase.
we will be touring in the UK and abroad next year.
drop us a line if you'd like to get involved, or support us by sharing our kickstarter link and donating to the cause.

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