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The Partnership is a dynamic partnership of statutory organisations, local business and the voluntary sector. Together the Partners deliver the Pride in the Bay segment of the Torbay's Community Plan. Not content with this the Partnership has a vision whereby our Culture and Creativity are core to Torbay's regeneration.
Over the past year partnership members have lead on and supported a number of dynamic projects such as:
The Creative Torbay Website - The Agatha Christie Festival - The Application for SeaChange funding for Cockington Court and Berry Head - Re-opening of Torre Abbey - Space Invaders - The Design Review Panel to name a few!
2009 promises to be a great year for the Partnership - this year the Partnership will be looking at themes of work - the first being a Food Theme - we will support and instigate projects that support this theme.
Other areas of work include: the Built Environment, The Natural Environment, transport, Culture, Waste, Energy and the Economy.
All of the Partnerships work is set against the benchmark of a sustainable future, throughout our delivery we are committed to using, enhancing and developing our GeoPark status.

Torbay’s Strategic Partnership (TSP) and the Culture and Environment Partnership recently hosted an enjoyable and productive seminar focused on ‘Pride in the Bay’ the area of the TSP’s community plan that the C and E partnership is charged with delivering.
Guest speakers from TCCT (Torbay Coast and Countryside Trust), CABE (Commission for architecture and the built environment) and Culture SW enthused attendee’s with presentations that focused on placing the Bay at the heart of the sustainable revolution using our GeoPark status as a vehicle for delivery. As a backdrop to this the delegates listening intently as the issue of peak oil and the challenges and opportunities we will all face as demand for oil that we so heavily rely on to drive our economy and lives is increasingly outstripped by our dwindling supplies.
Empowered with this information the delegates rolled up their sleeves and convened into themed groups such as the built environment, food, waste, the economy and transport and looked at potential opportunities that the TSP Board and the Culture and Environment partnership could take forward to continue to develop our place sustainably making the most of our GeoPark status and our other cultural and creative assets. The groups reported back a wide range of suggestions from a Bay wide local produce kite mark to encourage residents, visitors and businesses to source and use local produce, other areas of potential work included encouraging sustainable transport, new builds that incorporate the latest features of sustainable development and the wish to embrace clean and green energy production.

Mark Green Chair of the Culture and Environment Partnership said:

‘The event has again shown what a wealth of talented and creative people we have in our Bay. The delegates together with The Culture and Environment Partnership will now look at all the suggestions in more detail and together with other partners from the TSP continue the journey to use our GeoPark status to deliver a sustainable and vibrant Torbay in which residents can have pride in and visitors can marvel at.’

If you wish to find out more about the Partnership please message us through the website.

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