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Cutting Edge Marketing & Design is an IT-savvy company born into a digital age. Headed up by Director, Dan Reddish we believe building relationships and trust with your customer should be at the heart of everything you do as a business. We put these words into actions into the visual context in the one place where your customers are - online.

We use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin where consistency and staying familiar in peoples mind is key. It’s not a quick sale process. It’s all about nurturing your audience by offering value rather than using your platform as a sales channel by bombarding them with promos. Content marketing is an effective way to achieve this which involves posting informative, useful or funny content from around the web loosely related to your business to provoke emotion and interaction with your page. The more interaction your page gets the more Facebook gives priority to your posts in their news feed algorithm and the higher the reach. Variety is also key. We post out a combination of articles, videos, bespoke branded inspiration quotes, contests, gifs and promotions on our client's accounts.

We also offer a design and print service for all your traditional marketing needs from branding and business cards to flyers, leaflets, posters and logo design. Our marketing section of the business also offers poster / flyer/ door drop campaigns to distribute your material around Doncaster.

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