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Stephan Koplowitz:TaskForce present Liquid Landscapes

Just 8 days to go before Stephan Koplowitz:Taskforce presents Liquid Landscapes.

From 20-28 June, US director/choreographer Stephan Koplowitz, the award winning site-artist best known for making public dance performances around the world, is coming to Plymouth - working with Dartington on a one-of-a-kind new commission to bring the public dance show to 8 historic sites throughout the city and beyond.

Famed for putting dance where you never thought dance would go, Stephan Koplowitz has choreographed large scale public art performances in New York’s Grand Central Station, the British Library and the Natural History Museum. Now, he is bringing the second phase of his international site-specific dance project, ‘Liquid Landscapes’ to the UK (after the hugely successful LA leg), as part of Dartington’s mission to develop exciting new art work outside the walls of the Dartington Hall Estate.

Stephan said, ““My dance company TaskForce develops their performances on site and in a short time frame. We are coming to Plymouth and Dartington in June and we have 3 weeks with 8 sites, which means we have less than 3 days per site to make work inspired by that location. During this process we aim to take all 8 iconic sites and transform them for the people who might take them for granted.’

‘If I have a manifesto, it’s that I steadfastly make work that I believe anyone can approach and understand based on their experience of that work – that’s what I am interested in, the direct dialogue with the audience, I am also interested in communication and having my work seen by as many people as possible.”

Under the direction of Stephan Koplowitz, UK composer and performer Hugh Nankivell, US filmmaker Gorav Kaylan and eight adventurous UK and US dancers will work alongside a host of well-known regional artists and students from the University of Falmouth. The aim of this collaboration is to provide emerging dancers and local artists with a rare opportunity to perform alongside professionals and in front of large public audiences.

The performances will be linked by the theme of water and locations include the lighthouse ‘Smeaton’s Tower’, the Mayflower Steps (where the Pilgrim Fathers departed) and nearby Dartington Hall gardens and Buckland Abbey. Excerpts from the shows and the rehearsal process will also be played on the BBC Big Screen in Plymouth City Centre.

David Francis, the new director of Arts at Dartington said “This is a really exciting new commission that with the exception of 2 sites will be free to the public. It is designed to showcase the work of the new Dartington Incubator – which will focus on developing and producing new work to be seen around the world, supporting emerging talent and boosting the regional creative economy. Along with all the people who will travel to the city to witness the work, we hope that everyone in Plymouth gets a chance to see at least one show – preferably two”

For more information about the artists involved, including times and locations of all the performances… please visit www.dartington.org/arts/taskforce For a full press pack, including biogs, images and video footage please go to http://www.dartington.org/arts/taskforce-press

For more information visit http://www.dartington.org/taskforce

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