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David Parrish / News / Mon 18 May 2020

New online course: COVID-19 Business Strategies

New online course: COVID-19 Business Strategies

David says: “This course will empower you to generate new income in the short term, devise a new Business Formula, and potentially to transform your whole business model.”

It has been designed for owners and senior managers of businesses who want to adopt new strategies to cope with the COVID-19 crisis and devise a better business model for the future. It is especially relevant to creative, digital and cultural enterprises.

The Coronavirus Business Strategies course has 20 sections including 14 videos, downloadable documents and additional information. The course structure is carefully designed but you can access the videos, information and downloads at any time, in any order.

The course content includes:
1. How to use “i-Creativity” in the business office.
2. Three Techniques to generate new ideas.
3. The Feasibility Filter. A system to select the best opportunities
4. Ten different Diversification Strategies.
5. ‘Lean Diversification’ – the methods of innovating and launching new products and services.

To help you obtain maximum benefit from the course, there are downloadable worksheets and articles, further information about the strategies and techniques, plus links to associated support materials.

For more information visit https://www.davidparrish.com/covid-19-business-strategies-online-course-launched/

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