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Deborah Duffin / News / Thu 11 Dec 2014

New commission for University of Exeter

New commission for University of Exeter

Entitled 'White Entwined', this piece was commissioned for the sculpture trail around the Streatham Campus of University of Exeter. The piece was designed for a selected tree, and made in response to the site. The trail is open to the public free of charge and this piece will be on permanent exhibition. The piece is made from a collection of wires: galvanised, plasticised and recycled from a variety of sources. The main part of the work was carried out in the studio - the pink and white shape with a tail which graduated from pale to the browns of the bark. The tail had a visual function and was used to tie the piece to the branch of the tree - blending with its host - part of it, yet like living creature with its own character and life force. Its final form emerged during the installation. Dimensions: 152 x 85 x 22cm, hung 18 foot above ground, but visible to passers-by.

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